Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hollywood & Washington

Last night was the Annual White House Correspondence Association Dinner.  Like some call it the "Nerd Prom", I think only certain people are interested in one of the biggest events in Washington D.C.  But I think it's drawing more attention as more Hollywood stars are involved passionately in politics.  I personally think it's one of the coolest things to watch which all the politicians, media and Hollywood stars gather under one roof - set aside their differences & mingle with each others.

Joel McHale hosted the dinner this year & he was throwing sometimes hilarious, sometimes boarder line low blows at politicians & celebrities all at the same time. Vanity Fair teamed up with photographer Mark Seliger and took portraits of stars both in Hollywood & Washington for after party. 

I love Vanity Fair & their photography. Their magazine always consists with absolutely beautiful work of art done by the most talented photographers. This year's Vanity Fair/Bloomberg's after party was no different.  I really want to attend this party. How can I arrange it?  Maybe, just maybe, I'll hit some type of Jack Pot that would allow winners to attend the WHCD.  

Oh, would that be nice?  Happy Sunday!!! 

You can read all the details here.

"Portraits By Mark Selinger"

Nancy was probably saying, "thanks a lot for making fun of my face, Joel!!!"

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