Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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I was slowly discovering that I missed writing my blog in the fall of last year around my birthday. Some of my
closest mommy friends planned a beautiful birthday dinner for me. We dined, had some cocktails and went out to a bar to dance. It was very sweet and it was definitely one of those nights that I wish I could talk about it with the world. But of course, the busy & the lazy part of me just let it slipped away and I didn't even bother to sit in front of my computer. 

Time has passed and days have gone by, I tweet religiously and I pin everything on my Pinterest and re-blogging my nights away on my tumblr, but I still feel something was missing. And I think what's been missing in my life was to writing my day-to-day diary. I think it's therapeutic. 

My writing style is more like sharing my life with countless words in slightly broken English.  I don't do tutorial on hairstyle or food making because there are plenty of bloggers that are simply amazing at it.  What I am great at is to be honest - and write about what I feel.  I will write about fashion or new music that I discover, or talk about how wonderful and tough a motherhood can be.

I think when you're the most honest to yourself and what you write about, and never pretend to be someone you're not, then you can create the most beautiful blog that people will love to read and keep coming back to.  And I truly hope that someday, my blog will be the place where people can't wait to come back for and talk about their life togther..



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